Sunday, 3 May 2009


This is yet another Coronation Street blog but this one is different from the other ones, oh yes. The reason that it is different is that there will be a number of inaccuracies, because I usually watch *Britain's Best Loved Soap* through beer goggles, shouting at the screen.

I should imagine that I'll be fairly opinionated rather than objective. That's the way I've been on other blogs, so why change a failing format, eh?

The opinions expressed in no way reflect the opinions of anyone who gives a fuck.  Carry on reading if you want to.


MJ said...

I'm on board if I can get an Eccles cake to go along with it.

A bacon butty, perhaps?

Sky Clearbrook said...

Oh yes. As a former member of the Corrieblog "team", I'm fucking well looking forward to this.

For added impact, I hope you're going to wear the beer goggles to blog about it too.

Betty said...

I shouldn't get too excited folks - I'm not the most reliable blogger with regard to updates. If this blog lasts more than a couple of weeks it'll be a miracle.